“The path don’t matter, it’s the way you take it, be what you want

and don’t ever fake it” is not just the lyrics to the singing/songwriting

brothers’ Wilson song, “All About The Ride,” it is the way they make

music and live their lives. That ride has taken Chad and Kyle Wilson

from their small Alabama home town to stages big and small across

the United States.


The fourth generation in a family of musicians and entertainers, Chad

began traveling with the Johnson Quartet, his grandparents southern

gospel quartet, at the tender age of four. Kyle joined the family on

the road almost at birth and both brothers traveled with their family

to churches, revivals, and outdoor music events across the country.

“Something about the music our grandparents played and sang was

extremely moving,” says Chad. “Their music was captivating and real

and at an early age, we learned the value of believing in what you



The brothers grew up understanding the importance of a strong

family foundation with strong values. Says Kyle, “Our dad was a preacher and he and our mom performed as a gospel duo, if the church doors were opened, we were there.” Wilson credits their grandmother with teaching them the value of believing in themselves. “That woman has single handedly had the most influence in our lives. She and our Grandpa bought us our first guitars and taught us how to play. We are who we are because of them,” says Chad.


Like many young men from a small town, as they grew up the pull to get out and see what the world was about on their own grew stronger. “We had to continue that ‘hands on education’ that can’t be taught,” laughs the brothers. While Kyle finished school and honed his guitar skills in Alabama, Chad made the move to Nashville and quickly signed a record deal. Kyle soon signed on as the lead guitar player for the Wayne Mills Band and played with several other national acts. Their solo careers were successful, but Chad was nearing the end of his record deal and Kyle, who had also moved to Nashville, was increasingly leaning more towards playing his own original music. Both were strongly lured by the family harmonies and the music created from the shared experienced.


The songs that the brothers wrote were recorded by a number of artists and their entwined family harmonies gained them immediate notoriety around Nashville. After an acoustic performance at an infamous Nashville night spot, successful multi-platinum songwriter Kenny Lamb approached the brothers and offered a set up a meeting with renowned producer Chris Rowe. That meeting provided the catalyst for Wilson Brothers Band to move to the next step.


Now with eleven songs recorded, all co written by Chad and Kyle Wilson and produced by Rowe, the brothers Wilson are back where they started…on the road. But this time with music that is stamped with their own unique style. Music that honors the past, but refuses to live in it pushing the boundaries of country music forward, creating an exciting new blend that is as emotionally potent as it is sonically appealing.


"There ain't no doubt about, don't know how I got it, but it all looks good from here."

Song - It All Looks Good From Here

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