Born and raised in Northeast Alabama, David grew up in a musical family with singers, drummers, guitar players, and piano players. His mom always sang at church, and that’s exactly what he started doing. From choir to solos, David sang at church throughout his childhood. His dad is a drummer who had rehearsals at their home when David and his brother were young. There was a hole in the floor of his bedroom just big enough to put your eye over and see some of the musicians doing their thing. He loved watching them jam and couldn’t wait until he was able to play. About that time, David was introduced to the guitar. It wasn't long before he started writing songs in high school and after graduation recorded his first album at Cook Sound in Ft. Payne Alabama.


As he recorded more on his own, he sent demos to Nashville which interested an independent producer. Before long, David made the move to Nashville and started writing songs with different successful writers such as Fred Knobloch, D. Scott Miller, Don Von Tress, Mark Moffet, and Kenny Mimms. Working as a session singer on everything from jingles to album cuts, David found himself singing for a variety of different music groups in different genres over a 14 year period. He recorded on the debut album for the band “Delilah Why” and toured across the country supporting the songs they had released to radio. David is a seasoned player who has performed from a few in small towns, to thousands in big cities, on small stages, and on big production stages throughout the U.S. and in the Caribbean. After the Delilah Why project, He began working on a solo project “Brand Sanford” and released the self titled album with the help of old bandmates. His wife of 10 years supports his every move. With three children of their own, their daughter loves to sing and pick around on the piano, and their twin boys are drummers. David loves teaching them about their instruments and watching them learn. It reminds him how his own parents taught him to play and love music.

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